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All pricing and contact info is listed below. For orders email: guitars@baderentals.com

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Welcome to Bade Guitar Rentals in Seattle
Our guitars are personally hand picked by the owner in person for playability and then set up to play better than the factory settings. As a guitar teacher Mr Bade became frustrated by the difficulty students were having trying to learn guitar on cheap and poorly set up guitars. He felt that guitar was hard enough to learn with a fine instrument. Without a good instrument you set yourself or your child up for failure from the beginning. But the guitar you buy now in most all cases is not the guitar you will want as you learn to play and decide what style of music you want to play. So he started renting high quality guitars to students and saw a huge difference in the enjoyment and learning of his students. Now we are offering this select guitar rental service to local Seattle and Bellevue aspiring guitarist. We offer great value, service and most of all playable guitars. We are now renting to  hotel guests and film crews.

Whether you are just looking for information or want to rent from us we hope you will find this website useful.

For rental pricing information click on Rental Pricing. Then you can call us or send us email. Being a small company we rent guitars by appointment to give you the best service possible. Thanks for your interest and enjoy playing music!

Michael Bade, Owner

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